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About Block Sport


Compete in the Block Sport arena and join a team of robotic warriors fueled by energized body armor. Survive gladiatorial games by feeding on enemy body parts and explore the depth of real-time character destruction.

And with this we kickoff our brutal ball game.


Hit the ball in any way you like; control the power and speed of any attack available from your chosen character class - basics and specials, left or right. If you miss, just combo attack and hope for an enemy gets too close to the ball.

How and where you hit the ball makes a world of difference, practice positioning and timing to achieve those epic moments where you see the ball drive through the air with enough speed to break the goal shield, and maybe wreck an enemy on the way.

Dribble and trick enemies using your magnet, push the ball into position for that ultra high- speed sonic hit, or simply pass the ball to your teammates.


Jump into a unique combat experience driven by the pure satisfaction of breaking your opponent into bits and pieces. Fighting enemies breaks apart their energized body armor and automatically becomes your loot: Health, defense, agility, stamina, abilities, healing, ammunition, crafting...

Play, win, and rank up. Experience the precision and perfection of a Block Sport match!

We have worked hard to achieve a natural freedom of movement on the field as well as implemented several real time systems for both characters, ball, and armor.


E-sport experience:

  • Competitive, team-based game modes.

  • Skill-based mechanics, easy to learn but hard to master

  • Server-client architecture which supports up to 10 players in a match.

Unique health system:

  • Health is based on remaining bits in your armor.

  • Real-time visual health degradation.

  • Steal, salvage or regenerate armor pieces from teammates, rivals or heal pads.

Ball interaction:

  • Real time dynamic physics.

  • Precision impact systems.

  • Special ball-modes triggered by ball speed.

Special abilities:

  • Multiple player classes

  • Advanced combo systems.

  • Character and class specific attacks and abilities.


Our game studio is located on the West Coast of Denmark. We like games. And, we really like games that go the extra miles in regards of gameplay, feel and look. We like mixing genres and our wacky brains guarantee you a different gaming experience. We are excited, and we look forward to sharing our ideas with you.

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