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Block Sport Testimonials - What players say

“It seem to be a good concept. I need to get used to the controls. I have 1400 hours in Rocket League but this is very different lol.”

“I quite enjoyed it. I look forward to the release. Best of luck with production, I think it has potential to rival Rocket League.”

“It was super smooth and I genuinely enjoyed playing. Can’t wait to see what this game holds for the future.”

“It is cool and can end up as a great game with further development.”

“AMAZING GAME ♥ I need a copy for my friend!”

“I really like it. I like the concept and considering the point in development at the moment it’s pretty polished.”

“Loving it! Enjoying it a lot more than I did games like Disc Jam’s beta, and I can see a clear difficulty curve ahead of me which isn’t very common with these sorts of sportsbased games.”

“Just so you understand. Your game is a source of enjoyment after a day of studies.”